Subline DR

Diameter Reduced PE Liners

Thick walled and fully pressure rated, this concentric reduction pipe lining system and process is ideal for the protective lining of new pipes, or for the rehabilitation of structurally weakened or corroded pipelines and mains.

Our close-fit lining technology uses standard PE pipe that is butt-fusion welded into appropriate lengths, and pushed through roller sets to reduce its diameter concentrically by approximately 10%.

This reduced diameter liner pipe is stable without the application of tension and can be inserted into the host pipeline using conventional sliplining techniques. This technique removes the need for high winching loads and therefore greatly reduces the stresses on the plastic pipe and butt welds.

Once installed, the pipe is pressurised using cold water to revert it back towards its original diameter, retaining capacity and forming a close fit within the host pipe

Case Studies


Rehabilitation of a water mains trunk supply with major leakage, spanning 538m using the Subline Close Fit PE Lining System.

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Rehabilitation of a corroded oil production platform riser liner pipe from a single access point, in order to reduce the seawater contamination of diesel fuel.

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Rehabilitation of two highly corroded oil production platform risers from a single access point to reduce seawater contamination and extend life of field.

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