I don't want a gap between the main header and the sub header but everytime I remove the paragraph, they end up formatted the same or the same colour. Without colour options, how do we amend this?

Change 'Offshore proccesses & refineries' to 'Processing & Refineries'
How do I change these?

Ditch the 'Interested' Box. DONE



Our range of pipe lining, coating and rehabilitating solutions have been specifically developed to address the heavy operational, environmental and regulatory demands, placed on pipe networks.

Focussed on the reduction of capital and operational expenditure, and the increase in reliability and longevity of your pipelines, we provide fully integrated assistance at every stage of your project and with specialist expertise across a range of industries, our technologies can be adapted to suit the critical requirements of your network.



Protecting new pipelines and optimising the repair and maintenance of infrastructure to reduce operational expenditure and increase life of field.

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Rehabilitating aging infrastructure to resolve corrosion and leaks and prolong pipe lifetimes.

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Processing & Refineries

Best value solutions for the protection and rehabilitation of offshore and onshore infrastructure to resolve corrosion & prolong life of field.

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