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Oil & Gas
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Corrosion Repair & Prevention

Maximising Value & Extending Life of Field

Operating in harsh environments that are susceptible to chemical and biological corrosion, the repair and protection of Oil and Gas infrastructure is critical to maintaining the integrity of you pipeline infrastructure.

With a downturn in crude oil prices and a pressure to reduce OPEX spending, innovative and sustainable solutions must be found to optimise the performance and extend the lifetime of assets both topside and subsea.

With access to over 30 years of polymer expertise, our technologies provide a cost effective alternative to technologies such as CRA lining of pipelines, as well as reducing the need for disruptive, time consuming and expensive maintenance and repair, to significantly extend the life of field of your assets.

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Kilometres of Pipe Protected

Water Injection

Corrosion and leakage suffered by aging water injection pipelines can impede future oil production.

By pre-lining your pipelines with our close-fit polyethylene liners we provide a tight barrier against the existing pipe structure that protects against future corrosion.

Less expensive than CRA, this also reduces the thickness requirement of the carbon steel host pipe to decrease installation costs.

Hydrocarbon Lines

Pitting, blistering and cracking caused by aggressive acidic corrosion of H2S within carbon steel pipelines can reduce performance and cause eventual failures.

Operating within each stage of your project’s lifecycle and utilising Radius Group’s specialist polymer expertise, we are working alongside clients to develop a solution to reduce corrosion and decrease future costs for pipelines transporting hydrocarbons.


The replacement and repair of failed and leaking pipelines, and corroded equipment and structures is often expensive and impractical due to restricted access and service disruption.

Our close-fit polyethylene liners can be rapidly installed to existing pipelines to restore pipeline integrity and our spray coating technologies can be rapidly applied and dried within one hour to repair damage and protect structures against future corrosion.




Protect against corrosion and expected structural damage to increase pipe lifetime with our close-fit PE pipe liners

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Spray Coating

Spray Coating

Resolve corrosion and prevent contamination with our fast curing SubcoteTM FLP spray lining resin.

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Pipe Rehabilitation

Pipe Rehabilitation

Rehabilitate damaged pressure pipelines to restore structural integrity and maintain pipe flow capacity.

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