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Optimise Operational Maintenance

Significant resources are employed to monitor and repair the transition lines carrying hydrocarbons, whilst the miles of pipeline situated within processing and refinery sites, which are as critical to the overall process, are often overlooked. 

With over 600 refineries operating globally, operational maintenance is crucial to the overall performance of each facility. In the current ‘lower for longer’ oil price world, the safe removal of cost from every step of the process from Upstream to Midstream and into the Downstream sector is essential.

Utilising our vast experience of operating projects, specific to the repair and protection of pipelines in the onshore refinery and offshore platform environment of the North Sea, we can provide you with the best value solution for networks susceptible to corrosion damage.

Eliminating requirements for ongoing maintenance on localised pipe work, our specialist technologies can rehabilitate damaged pipes to increase life expectancy by up to 50 years and remove the need to extract existing pipe work or undertake any hot working activities.

Whilst the ongoing development of our new spray coating technology looks to develop suitable solutions for the protection of external structures and pipelines susceptible to corrosion.

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Close Fit Liners

Our Subline technology is designed to allow the insertion of corrosion resistant HDPE liner pipes into existing pipe work susceptible to, or already damaged by corrosion. 

Folded or rolled, its OD is capable of navigating bends of up to 45 degrees (dependent upon location to the entry point), the liner can be rapidly inserted into the host pipe to form a close fit barrier, restoring the pipe’s structural integrity and maintain capacity.

Slip Lining

In cases where pipe capacity does not need to be maintained but the pipe is suffering from corrosive damage or leakage, the slip lining of smaller diameter corrosion resistant HDPE pipe into the host  is a simple cost effective rehabilitation technique to extend the lifetime of the pipe and can be used in systems up to 16bar 

For pipes with higher pressure, our close fit folding or rolled options are capable of retaining higher pressures due to utilising the host pipe to provide the required hoop strength.

External Spray Coating

Based on our current fast setting polyurethane resin technology for the rehabilitation and protection of water pipelines, our internal Product Development Team are developing a protective resin coating that can be hand sprayed onto structures, tanks, equipment and externally onto pipelines to protect and rehabilitate ageing and corroded surfaces.


Spray Coating

Spray Coating

Resolve corrosion and prevent contamination with our fast curing SubcoteTM FLP spray lining resin.

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Pipe Rehabilitation

Pipe Rehabilitation

Rehabilitate damaged pressure pipelines to restore structural integrity and maintain pipe flow capacity.

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