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Maximising Value & Performance

Heavy usage, ageing networks, infrastructure changes and ground movement can all contribute to the corrosion and damage of pipelines. This can result in the escape of gas or water, or contamination of drinking water and reduce the lifetime of the pipe.

OFWAT calculates that 3.3 billion litres (20%) of drinkable water is lost daily in England and Wales due to broken, damaged or corroded pipes within the water distribution network; costing the water companies between £1.5 - £3.6 million per day.

Whilst, the required replacement of all gas pipelines within 30m of buildings and those damaged or corroded with age is required to improve safety and increase the reliability of services.

However, as a large majority of these pipes are located within congested urban areas, the extensive excavation and service disruption caused by traditional replacement techniques can be expensive and impractical.

By eliminating the excavation requirements of traditional renewal methods, Radius Subterra's pipeline rehabilitation technologies allow new and existing water, wastewater and gas pipes to be protected and rapidly repaired in areas with restricted access. Implemented with minimal disruption to service, our technologies maximise pipe flow capacity, maintain pressure requirements, maximise safety and extend pipe lifetimes.

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Kilometres of pipe lined & rehabilitated

Repair and Protect

The deterioration of ageing pipelines means that many are now experiencing pinhole corrosion, cracks and leaks.

Our close-fit polyethylene liners provide a tight barrier against the existing pipe structure and our solvent free resin spray linings can be used to both rehabilitate existing pipe networks and protect newly installed pipelines, restoring their safe operation without the need for replacement and extensive excavation.

Minimise Disruption

Traditional replacement or sliplining solutions are often expensive or impractical, due to loss of capacity, restricted site access or the disconnection of services for unacceptable periods.

Our technologies eliminate the need for extensive excavation and can be rapidly installed to repair damaged pipes with minimal disruption and faster return to service.

Maintain Pressure & Performance

In the instances where sliplining is a convenient solution but cannot be used as the capacity of a pipe cannot be reduced, our close-fit polyethylene liners can be matched to the pipe’s original diameter.

This retains the pipe’s capacity, maintaining its pressure requirement for delivery and allowing the rehabilitation of existing pipe networks.


Spray Coating

Spray Coating

Resolve corrosion and prevent contamination with our fast curing SubcoteTM FLP spray lining resin.

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Pipe Rehabilitation

Pipe Rehabilitation

Rehabilitate damaged pressure pipelines to restore structural integrity and maintain pipe flow capacity.

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Case Studies

Radius Subterra and partners pull off hat-trick at 2018 UKSTT Awards

A consortium including South West Water Delivery Alliance H50, Kier, Arcadis and Radius Subterra have won the highly coveted UKSTT Project of the Year, the New Installation - Water & Wastewater and the Environmental awards at this year’s 24th Gala Dinner and Awards ceremony for their work on the Mayflower Water Treatment Works slip-lining project. The awards recognise companies who can demonstrate substantial and real benefits of the use of trenchless technologies, in each of the different categories.

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Radius Subterra helps keep 6500 customers’ water on

Working in partnership with contractor CPC Civils and Amey, Radius Subterra have rehabilitated a section of a 12” cast iron water main ahead of schedule, helping Severn Trent Water keep the water on.

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